About us


Endless Summer CPH is an annual, international music festival hosting bands in the genres of surf, psych pop and garage rock. We believe that summer is a state of mind and our goal is to celebrate it with all the joy it brings: the sea, sunshine, BBQ and a bunch of hippies. This gathering comes with the idealism, colour and optimism of the 1960s California environment, emerging from a thriving and independent local music, cafe and art scene in Copenhagen.

Our philosophy

Summer is a state of mind. Here in Denmark, it can seem light years away. It’s all too easy to hide away and hibernate, waiting for permission from the weatherman to go out and catch a few meagre Government-rationed rays for two weeks in July. But that’s missing out on a whole world of fun. Some of us roam from Kalundborg to Klampenborg in search of the Perfect Wave. Some of us would rather sip beers straight from the cooler and go skinny-dipping. We’d rather to fire up the grill than wrap up warm. Some of us believe in an Endless Summer.

Endless Summer is a one day festival, started by Fredrik Eckhoff (Halasan Bazar) and Regin Dahl (Mellomfolkelig Samvirke) in 2014, and emerging from a thriving and independent local music, cafe and art scene. Our aim is nothing less than a full-blown beach bonanza BBQ, coupled with the idealism, colour and optimism of the 1960s California environment. The music focuses on modern psychedelia and sixties-tinged guitar rock and pop, but with anything groovy that tickles our fancy thrown into the mix. We’ve seen everything from spontaneous Soul Trains to atmospheric Turkish folk; from ice cool Swedish post-punk girls to ukulele combos covering Black Sabbath; alt-country heartbreakers to outta control disco dancing.

Just like Sly Stone said, it’s a family affair. Endless Summer is a strictly non-profit DIY festival, organised by around thirty enthusiastic dreamers, pooling their diverse skills with a healthy refusal to accept the impossible, to create an experience much greater than the sum of its parts, something unique, inclusive and thrilling. In previous years, we’ve drawn on an impressive array of contacts to secure the goodwill of bands and DJs who play for love not money, imaginative and resourceful designers, skilled sound engineers and culinary talents from our favourite eateries. All this has made it possible to hold a festival on a shoestring. Not to mention house parties, art exhibitions, collaborations with circus artists and cabaret performers, spontaneous free musical barbecues which have found grown men in their late 40s, who really should know better, interpretive dancing to Kate Bush in Bispebjerg Park at 4 a.m, or boarding the Endless Summer magic bus and ‘going up country’ for a farm-based freakout.

This year’s Endless Summer Festival is going to be bigger, better and by the water. We’ve found a perfect haven by the harbour in Copenhagen’s unique Cable Park, where our festivities coincide the worlds greatest wakeboarders battling it out for the park’s 10 year anniversary and providing the perfect backdrop to our midsummer dream. And this time the musical net has been thrown ever wider and we’ve reached out to kindred spirits in Sweden, France and the US, together with a bunch of homegrown treats, for our own Monterey Pop, fifty years after the original. Add to that a roster of local and international DJs spanning a range of styles and tastes, and hot damn! Summer in the City!

And for future events, we’ve got plans for your minds, your bodies and your souls. The delightful ladies from Dine like a Vegan (whose recipes can make even carnivores’ mouths water) are already part of the family, there’s exclusive home-brewed Endless Summer tipples from our country cousins’ collective in Fyn, along with Regin’s specially imported naturvin. There’s food sharing and dumpster grills and collaborations with Grønttorvet’s D’ish to bring you interactive cookery classes. Naturally, it’s natural, and suitably sustainable, but we value passion over preaching and the taste is our statement. Other fun and games include yoga workshops from our very own Ieva (born in Vilnius, trained in the finest Indian ashram), culinary Q&A’s, art happenings in cahoots with the lovable troublemakers at Nørrebro’s Blaa Galleri, along with any other mystical shit we can think of.

In the meantime, we aim to whet your appetite with news updates, mixtapes, recipes, and journals, so keep in touch and keep the faith.

Don’t give up on the summer!