Our partners


Endless Summer arranged with support from Kulturhavn365. Kulturhavn365 is a three-year development project of the City of Copenhagen, supported by Nordea-Fonden. THANK YOU!

Blaa Gallery

BLAA GALLERI is one of the closest working partners of our Festival. It is an art gallery, workshop and event space. Established in 2013, based in Copenhagen’s Northern district at Blågårdsgade 29 it propelled into the centre of our existence when photographer Harald Holst (Henry The Rabbit, The Slackliners) and multi artist Craig Martin Wood (Henry The Rabbit, Halasan Bazar) took over the place and slowly aim to make it a home for underground visual art. It provide workspaces, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, ping pong and insanity Tuesday through Saturday 13-18 and it is a great place that you can rent for exhibitions, book releases, lectures, small concerts, receptions, and meetings of all kinds. Contact them for further information at blaagalleri@gmail.com!

Graphic Design by Claude Autret

Claude became part of our family since the first time he and Fredrik met in Rennes, when Halasan Bazar was out touring. He made all our beautiful posters, he came up with the endless colours and we are really happy to know that our visual identity is in really talented hands year after year. When he’s not drawing psychedelic beach landscapes he’s working as a freelance motion designer in Rennes, doing a bit of traditional animation, a bit of 3D, a bit of everything from illustration through screen printing to other fun projects, sometimes together with his partner Benjamin Moreau Chose Morte. To see more of his works check: jisssejissse.tumblr.com, twitter.com/JissseJissse, http://chose-morte.com/.

Ieva yoga

We’re really happy to have Ieva on our team, helping us tune in, stretch out, and open our hearts. She is teaching classic hatha yoga and bring a lot of traditional elements into the practice. Meditation, spiritual energy, pranayama and intention are just as important as asanas themselves. You can join her group classes which are announced on Ieva’s Facebook group or book a private session. You don’t need to change your life for yoga, let yoga change it for you!

Dine like a Vegan

We are Marta, Ieva and Magnús, three friends hosting the vegan blog ‘Dine Like a Vegan’. With our blog we want to inspire friends and strangers by sharing our adventures as we dive into the wonderful world of veganism. On Endless Summer we’re all volunteering, organizing, hosting and collaborating on many levels. Hope to meet you on the festival!


Foodsharing Copenhagen is a grassroots initiative, that raises awareness of the food waste and organises unconditional food redistribution. Foodsharing is rescuing and distributing food waste weekly in Grøntorvet, and making loads of fun events. If you don’t know how delicious waste can be, they can teach you a thing or two. Join, donate, follow them on Facebook!


There is no Endless Summer without Regin. Or, there was, but it wasn’t the same. He organized the festival from the beginning but left for new adventures two years ago. We are excited to announce that he’s back with Vinkapellet and some really special wine from the Alsace region. It’s biodynamic, sustainable and so delicious. If we ask him nicely, he might stack some of his special chocolate.


Daniel and his gourmet restaurant D’ish is located in the Grøntorvet district. They are our partners with their professionalism and expertise on food and drinks, and their enthusiasm and attitude in fighting against food waste!

360 O

It’s not only the wakeboard champions who will do their 360 this year, but also our friends from Budapest who offered to set up their special camera to capture a full picture of the scene. They can take 360 picture, video and timelapse, so even if you can’t join us on the 10th, you can experience us 360 on any of the 365 days of the year!

The Farm

Our friends in Fyn are an integral part of the Endless Crew from the beginning, contributing to this community with music, food, beer, hosting us for our volunteer parties and always reminding us what really matters Thank you!