Where are we?

Squeezed in between Amager and Refshaleøen is this treasure for slackers and water sports enthusiasts, some sort of ski lift system only for jammin on wakeboards, and us in Endless Summer naturally went trough the roof when Peter from CCP agreed to merge their wakeboard/waterski railline competition with our beach vibes, surf music and huge enthusiasm and now we have the most amazing setting for the summer day of the year!

Kraftværksvej is well marked with street signs, right in front of the even bigger “Hofor, ARC, and Amager Bakke” billboards which are impossible to miss.


If you’re biking CPH, getting to the CablePark is easy, if you’re coming from the centre remember to use the new bridge “Inderhavnsbroen” that connects Refshaleøen with Nyhavn! The adventurous can find the way through Christiania’s small green paths, while the ones who prefer a smooth ride, we recommend to bike through Holmen all the way to Kongebrovej, then take a sharp right turn from Refshalevej to Forlandet towards the CablePark. If you are coming from the south or the west, biking along Kløvermarksvej is a straightforward but less picturesque option.


If you’re using public transportation, Bus nr 37 stops right in front of the park, but it’s a rare one that goes only once every hour on Saturdays. Other good option is to take the frequent runner 9A to Lynetten on Refshalevej and walk about a km from there. The best way to check the up to date schedules is through https://www.rejseplanen.dk/
If you’ve just missed your ride, relax, get an ice cream and walk through Christiania’s hidden paths!

See you there!

Copenhagen CablePark 
Kraftværksvej 24
2300 Copenhagen S